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Nandrolone decanoate, deca durabolin

The initial color in vial A is red brown, vial B orange brown. Vial B under UV light is mat green. You can see difference for example between trenbolone where it is bright green. There are two different test agents in each vial, which will react in different way to different chemicals. Any discoloration in vial A or B will also indicate presence of contamination. This is why you need both test vials to confirm presence of steroids and their quality. Some steroids will give different initial color in vial A. For example the initial color in vial A for testosterone propionate will be olive green while for testosterone enanthate orange. This is how you can distinguish them. Nandrolone decanoate (oil based) under UV is mat green. If you watch nandrolone decanoate in complete darkness just after injecting your sample under UV light (make sure it is 365 nm) it will appear more yellow. This is just another way to confirm the test results.

This is example of deca on Areachis oil, the vial B is darker mat green when you flash it with 365 nm UV light.

You will see the fluorescence right away but you might want to give a little time to see that exact green color like on the picture here.

Notice this picture was done in dark room; deca appears to be brighter under 365 nm UV light almost dark yellow

This is example of deca on GSO oil, darker mat green in vial B under day light when you flash it with 365 nm UV light and go to dark room you will see it bright yellow. You might see some blue greenish residue in the vials. Deca in deferent oils produced almost the same fluorescence.

Nandrolone decanoate pure powder, you need to add a little of pure powder, you will see that there is not too much intial change,a little light yellow - orange in vail B

you can see change from mat green for oil to more intense blue - green for pure powder