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On the left regular (older with yellow test reagent) winstrol anavar test, on the right new winstrol anavar UV test with transparent test reagent.

Currently there are a few tests for winstrol available from labmax. Also please note the new vial design which was introduced in 2016. Everything which looks different is not labmax. You can use the regular anavar winstrol test, with the yellow test reagent. You add 1 mg of winstrol and watch the color change at 15 min; it will be olive green almost light brown. This is older test which we plan to phase out in favor of more reliable UV test. If you see right away red it is dianabol.

The UV test (it contains transparent test reagent) is more advanced and it is not weight sensitive. You add only a little of the pill, notice that there is only a little of test reagent so you add the same or smaller amount. Then you point the 365 nm UV light and watch the fluorescence it will be blue, if you do not see right away give a little time for the proper fluorescence to develop. There will be a little initial color change but if you see right away red it is dianabol. On the left it is anavar green fluorescence, on the right winstrol blue fluorescence.